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Water Services Regulatory Authority (“WSRA”) is the independent economic regulator for water and solid waste services in Kosovo.

The WSRA role is to ensure non-discrimination and provision of qualitative, efficient, and reliable services at a fair and reasonable price for customers with respect for environment and public health.

WSRA powers and responsibilities

  • License public enterprises that provide: (i) water supply and wastewater services, (ii) bulk water supply to water supply companies;
  • Set and approve service tariffs for regulated services, ensuring that tariffs are fair and reasonable and enable financial viability of service providers;
  • Monitor and enforce compliance with service standards for licensed service providers;
  • Supervise and enforce Customers` Charter which contains all rights and obligations for both, service providers and customer;
  • Supervise and enforce disconnection regime and unlawful connections;
  • Establish and support Customers` Consultative Committees in each service area - seven regions of Kosova.

WSRA Accountability

In accordance with the law No. 05/L -042, WSRA is accountable to the Kosovo Assembly that appoints WSRA Director and Deputy Director.

Financing of WSRA

WSRA activities are financed from license fees payable from licensed service providers.