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318 - Tarifat | Autoriteti rregullator per sherbimet e ujit


The Water Services Regulatory Authority (WSRA) is the competent authority for setting Service Tariffs for Water and Wastewater Services, Bulk Water Supply, Waste Collection Services and Waste Disposal Services in accordance with Regulation 2004/49 and the secondary legislation (WSRA Tariff Rules).

The general principles and criteria for tariff setting are set out in the Regulation 2004/49 whereas the detailed procedures and the calculation methodology are stipulated in the WSRA Tariff Rules, which are based on the Tariff Policies.

WSRA aims to ensure that the tariffs service provide an optimum balance between the interest of customers who want low tariffs and the investor interest in financial sustain ability.

So far, WSRA has conducted two tariff setting processes for setting 1 -year tariffs (2006/2007 and 2007/2008). Starting from 2008 WSRA plans to set multi-year tariffs for a period of three years.