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Water Services Regulatory Authority

Water Services Regulatory Authority (WSRA) as an independent authority is responsible for regulating the activities of water service providers in Kosovo. 

The WSRA role is to ensure non-discrimination and provision of qualitative, efficient, and reliable services at a fair and reasonable price for customers with respect for environment and public health

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WSRA powers and responsibilities
  • License public enterprises that provide: (i) water supply and wastewater services, (ii) bulk water supply to water supply companies;
  • Set and approve service tariffs for regulated services, ensuring that tariffs are fair and reasonable and enable financial viability of service providers;
  • Monitor and enforce compliance with service standards for licensed service providers;
  • Supervise and enforce Customers` Charter which contains all rights and obligations for both, service providers and customer;
  • Supervise and enforce disconnection regime and unlawful connections;
  • Establish and support Customers` Consultative Committees in each service area - seven regions of Kosova.
WSRA Accountability

In accordance with the law No. 05/L -042, WSRA is accountable to the Kosovo Assembly that appoints WSRA Director and Deputy Director.

Financing of WSRA

WSRA activities are financed from license fees payable from licensed service providers.

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