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388 - Inspektimi | Autoriteti rregullator per sherbimet e ujit

Inspection of water service standards and the supervision of the implementation of the WSRA legal acts by licensed service providers is one of the competences set out in the Law on Regulation of Service Providers.  

For the purpose of developing this activity, within the WSRA is established the Inspection Unit, which is responsible for carrying out the inspection and reporting activities in general, as well as inspection and reporting on the fulfilment of standards of services in particular.  

The purpose of the inspection is to verify that service providers perform their activities in accordance with Law no. 05/L – 42 on Regulation of Service Providers, Rules, decisions, and other acts issued by WSRA.  

The inspection process involves collection, site inspections, data processing on indicators, and their interpretation.  

The results and findings of the inspection as well as the recommendations are presented through Inspection Reports. 

Inspection activities are subject to the “Law on Regulation of Water Services”, “Regulation for Inspection of Regulatory Obligations by Licensed Water Service Providers in Kosovo - Rule No.04/2016” as well as other applicable legislation.