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Water Services Regulatory Authority (WSRA) as an independent authority is responsible for regulating the activities of water service providers in Kosovo. 
The WSRA role is to ensure the provision of quality, efficient and secure services on a non-discriminatory basis for all consumers in Kosovo, taken into account the protection of the environment and public health.  

Authorizations and responsibilities of WSRA include:

  • Licensing of service providers and overseeing the implantation of the terms set forth by the service license;
  • Setting of service tariffs for service providers, ensuring that tariffs are fair and reasonable and enable financial sustainability of service providers;
  • Establishing service standards and overseeing implementation by service providers of these standards;
  • Monitoring the performance of service providers to assess whether they meet the conditions set by the service license  as well as targets set by the tariff process; 
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Drafting and adopting regulations, standards and regulatory decisions in accordance with the authorizations under this law and other applicable laws;  
  • Inspection of service standards and oversight of the implementation of legal acts of the Authority.

Accountability of WSRA 

In accordance with the Law no. 05/L -042, for its work WSRA responds to the Assembly of Kosovo which appoints the Director and the Deputy Director of WSRA.   

Funding of WSRA

The Authority is funded by the Budget of the Republic of Kosovo, in accordance with the Law on Public Financial Management and Accountability.

The Service Provider also pays the Authority an annual licensing fee up to a percentage point (1.5%) of a gross annual billing reported in its income statement for the previous year.